M.S. Physics, Minor: Mathematics, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT. June 91. 
B.S. Physics,  Minors: Mathematics and Aerospace Engineering, U.T. Arlington. Aug 88.


Physics Instructor,  Malvern College Qingdao, China. Taught IGCSE Science and A-level physics, to Chinese students in a British school, including 3 months online. Participated in CPD, and policy development and implementation for the Science and Physics departments and Boarding. Sponsored ISSDC club, applying expertise in physics, astronomy and engineering. Aug 18-July 20

Physics Instructor,  IBPREP Seoul. Taught intensive IB physics overview in two four-week sessions. Provided lecture, demonstration and problem-solving strategies to SL and HL students for both first and second years. Advised for project selection/evaluation for IA. June-Aug 2018

Physics/Math Instructor,  Qingdao International Academy, affiliated with the International Academy, Bloomfield Michigan. Taught IB/interdisciplinary-format physics to Grades 10 and 11 and math to Grade 9. Sponsored SAT Verbal and photography clubs. Participated in student enrichments for soccer, hiking and skiing. Completed IB Cat 1 Physics Training. Served on committees for policy and planning, and our hybrid TOK-type course. Aug 16- June 17

Math/Physics Instructor,  Ningbo Binhai International Cooperative School, Zhejiang, China. Taught AP Physics, Algebra, AP Calculus, Grades 9-12 students. Participated in student evaluation and recruitment, teacher training, faculty development and policy formation, and a 2-day AP Statistics workshop. Sponsored the Outdoor Sports Club. Aug 14-July 16

Math/Physics/SAT Instructor,  Guangzhou Foreign Language School, Guangdong, China. Taught Physics, Algebra, AP Calculus, Statistics, SAT Math to Senior 1 and 2 students. Participated in student recruitment, teacher training, faculty development and policy formation with dual Chinese and North American administration. Aug 12-Aug 14

Math/Physics/SAT Tutor,  Rising Scholars, LLC. Provided in-home tutoring to elementary through college students. Advised students and parents in learning and school processes.  Dec 08-Aug 12

Instructor, ITT Technical.  Taught Problem Solving, Physics, Algebra 1, Calculus in 4-5 hour blocks.  Organized, structured and guided group projects.  Participated in faculty development, meetings.  Dec 08 - Apr 09

Math/Physics Instructor, Canterbury Episcopal School. Taught Algebra 2, Honors Pre-calculus, Honors Physics, and AP Calculus to students from varied backgrounds.  Helped develop and align curricula, and to revise scope & sequence in collaboration with teachers grades 6-12.  Extensive use of spreadsheets, internet and digital video technology. Sponsored the Math Club.  Aug 06- Aug 08

Mathematics Instructor, University of Phoenix Dallas.  Taught Introductory Algebra in intensive five-week format.  Managed, instructed and tutored students in math laboratory and ALEKS tutoring software.  Mar 06 to June 08.

Algebra Instructor,
Navarro College - Waxahachie.  Taught two sections of Intermediate Algebra.  Monitored and tutored for math computer lab.  Managed and instructed students in Hawkes tutoring/grading software.  Spring 06

Mathematics Instructor,  ITT Technical-Online.  Taught asynchronous course in Problem Solving, to students around the country, via website.  Prepared announcements, previews and reviews.  Monitored ALEKS progress.  Created, maintained and monitored various discussion forums.   Organized, structured and guided group projects.  Participated in faculty development, meetings and teacher mentoring.  Nov 04 - May 06

ESL/GED Instructor , Navarro College Adult Education.  Tested and instructed adult learners in beginning and conversational written and spoken English.  Instructed young adults in Math, Science, Reading, Writing and Social Studies.  Conducted and supervised testing, accounting and reporting to supervisors, judges and parents.  Nov 04 - Apr 05

Teague High School.  Instructed Algebra I, for six periods of 9th and 10th grade students including one challenge period.  Coached Number Sense and Computer Science for UIL competition.  Completed 30 hours of Gifted & Talented Training, and 12 hours training in Texas Behavioral Support Initiative. Aug 02-Aug 03

, Sheridan College.  Instruct students at all levels, in math, physics, thermodynamics and astronomy, with emphasis in Algebra I & II.  Developed low-cost video-less distance-learning for physics and mathematics.  Provide microcomputer expertise to faculty, students and staff.  Member of Technology Overview Committee, Technology Task Force, Instructional Resources Committee and Engineering Program Review.  Advisor for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Presenter at various education conferences.  Aug 1992-Aug 2002.
    Nominee, for Sheridan College,  Statewide Faculty Leadership Award, Wyoming Community College Commission.  June 1995

, Reaching Higher Private School. Instructed GT students in Algebra I, II, and geometry. Lead discussions. Assigned and graded homework and tests. May 01-July 02.
Teaching Assistant, General and Technical Physics and Astronomy, MSU Department of Physics.  Introduced the fundamentals of physics and astronomy to students from both technical and non-technical backgrounds.  Trained and coordinated teaching assistants in laboratory procedures and planetarium operations.  Sept 1988-Dec 1991.
, Technical Astronomy  MSU Department of Physics.  3 quarters instructing students in the methods of astronomy and planetary science.  Developed course content with primary emphasis on the physical and chemical dynamics of astrophysical and geophysical fluids. June 1989, 1990, 1991.
Counselor, Astronomy Instructor
,  Peaks and Potentials, MSU Extended Studies.  Supervised 30 gifted 5-9th graders for a 10-day science camp. Conducted 5-day astronomy workshop.  Devised intensive format that blends general astronomical principles with problems of current research interest.  July 1989, 1990.
Special Assistant
, Better Elementary Science Teacher (BEST) Project, MSU Department of Education.  Provided instruction to Montana science teachers, on astronomy education and planetarium operations. June 1989.
Astronomy Instructor
,  College-for-Kids, Tarrant County College, Ft. Worth, TX.  Developed a three-week course for 2-3 sections of gifted students, ages 8-15.  Organized planetarium shows, telescope observations and a graduation project. July 86, 87, 88.
Teaching Assistant and Planetarium Operator, UTA Department of Physics. Provided laboratory instruction to students from non-technical backgrounds in the basic principles of astronomy and related mathematics.  Conducted four-season naked-eye and telescope observations; developed and presented live and taped planetarium shows for student and public audiences.  Feb 1986-Aug 1988

Astronomy, Mathematics and Physics Tutor, SOAR UTA Special Services. Provided 500 hours of individual and group instruction in general astronomy, and general and technical physics.  March 1984-August 1988.
Pre-Calculus Instructor, Mansfield High School, Mansfield, TX.  Taught four sections of college-bound students on the foundations of calculus. Arranged lectures, homework and exams, utilizing syllabus of teacher on sick leave.  April-May 1988.


Research Scientist, University of Wyoming, Department of Atmospheric Science.  Analyzed instrument data streams from NCAR Small Cumulus Microphysics Study (SCMS), to compare performance of airborne thermometers, under EPSCoR grant.  Investigated correlations between various conditions and configurations. Jun 97- May 99. 
Research Scientist, UW/DAS.  Investigating use of sonic thermometry for airborne measurements, under NASA/PaSS grant.  Studied current boundary-layer sonic applications, and relevance to airborne case.  Designed and built prototype airborne sonic thermometer, and testing procedures.  Performing error analysis. Jun 97 - May 99.
Database Programmer
, Air Science Group, Intermountain Labs, Sheridan WY. Designed database reporting system for air quality compliance monitoring stations.  Designed and tested validation schemes to meet EPA guidelines.  Aug 1996-Sept 1997.
Fluid Dynamics Modeler
, and Field Technician, UW Department of Atmospheric Science.  Simulated airflow over airborne temperature probe using FIDAP fluid dynamics analysis package on Sparc 10 and Cray C90.  Performed  field testing and modification of probe during Small Cumulus Microphysics Study in Florida.  May - August 1995
Faculty Research Fellow
, Association of Western Universities NW; Battelle/Pacific Northwest National Labs.  Analyzed data validation algorithms for  DOE's Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Project.  Devised schemes for comparing and improving cost-to-benefit ratios for these.  Performed modifications on existing FORTRAN codes and data management procedures, coupled with statistical analysis using S-Plus.  Collaborated remotely with researchers in Argonne National Labs and U. of Oklahoma.  Jun-Aug 1994
Graduate Research:
   MSU Department of Physics.  Initiated a study of a recent development in computational fluid dynamics, the Lattice Gas/ Cellular Automata Method.  Diverse applications such as hydrodynamics, chemical engineering, plasma physics, and flows through porous media.  Awarded time on Cray YMP from National Center for Supercomputing Applications. May 1990- Jan 92.

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